About Us OLD

Chad Johnson Acupuncture is a family-owned and operated Acupuncture and massage therapy practice with offices in Asheville, NC, and Knoxville, TN. Chad and his wife, Nicole, have been on a journey of discovery of their life’s work together for 15 years, through rigorous study of their respective disciplines and practical application of their core values. They are inspired to be of service by helping others gain clarity, heal pain and find their power.

“We both love having a business that is in right relationship with ourselves and our community. It feels good to be building something that serves people in such a profound way.” Nicole says. “Chad is so clearly meant to do this work, it’s literally an extension of his martial arts training that he started as a young boy. It’s amazing to see him doing exactly what he is  meant for, and he does it with such grace. We chose Asheville to raise our daughter Liliana, to be with others who enjoy a slower pace, the mountains, water and farming. It was a glimmer of a dream for us back in Brooklyn. We are so thrilled to be here, doing it. Changing lives, lifting others up, together.”

Our Mission

The mission of Chad Johnson Acupuncture is:

  • To help people alleviate pain and struggle through excellence in acutherapy.
  • To help people gain clarity and find their power by reconnecting to their bodies.
  • To enjoy an abundant life through heart-centered service to others and care to self.
  • To aspire to a life that is rooted in “more being and less doing.”


Our Core Values include:




Heart-Centered Relationships