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Modern Research & Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used to treat millions of people for over 3,000 years. Modern science is proving its value through new studies conducted by leading scientists, hospitals, and medical research facilities from around the world.

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If you suffer from pain- acute or chronic- acupuncture may help. Chad Johnson Acupuncture is different.

Asheville Acupuncture Pain Clinic

Offering Drug-Free Relief from Chronic and Acute Pain Conditions

Acute Sprains and Strains • Broken Bones • Dislocations • Shin splints • Knee injuries • Tennis Elbow

Chronic & Persistent Pain • Old Injuries • Pre & Post Surgical Support • Integration with Allopathic &Western Medicine

Complex Conditions • Difficult to Diagnose • Little Results from Current Protocol • Drug-free Pain Management

Chronic headaches • Migraines • Tension Headaches • TMJ • Tri-Geminal Neuralgia • Dental Pain

Sciatic Nerve Pain • Low Back • Radiates Down Leg • Mild or Intense • Sharp Burning Pain • Dull Pain • Tingling and Numbness

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“I was crushed being labeled “end-stage spine” in early 2015 by orthopedic specialists…” Read more about Rudi’s incredible recovery story here.

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I initially went to see Chad to relieve numbness in my face due to a traumatic injury and subsequent surgeries. I feel like the acupuncture treatments were able to help accelerate my healing and lessen my symptoms. More recently, I had a fall and injured my left shoulder and arm. I could barely raise my left arm away from my side without pain. I was seriously considering seeing an orthopedic surgeon but wanted to see what Chad could do first. It took there or four sessions but Chad was able to completely restore my range of motion to normal and I no longer have any pain! I am SO glad I went to see him first instead of consulting a surgeon.

Chad is full of quiet, positive energy. He is an excellent listener and and a very calming presence. The treatment rooms are comfortable, serene and soothing. I will continue to utilize him on a regular basis. If you are suffering from some type of chronic pain, and have not found relief through other methods or treatments, I would highly recommend that you see Chad!

Laurie Rush

Chinese Medicine Japanese Acupuncture

Effective for Pain Relief and Recovery


Recently I suffered from near- constant severe headaches for four months straight. I saw six doctors, including a neurologist, had multiple tests and scans, and was prescribed a plethora of prescription meds. Nothing seemed to help. The headaches were incapacitating and taking a toll on my mental and emotional health. Thankfully I made an appointment with Chad and after my first visit, my worst type of headache completely went away. After two more visits, my lesser (remaining) headaches had completely stopped as well. Chad has really helped restore my quality of life and I would highly recommend him for anyone suffering with chronic headaches.

- W. Hamm

Chinese Acupuncture for Pain Relief and Healing

Our Difference: Advanced Acutherapy


Gentle, Japanese style acupuncture, thin needles, acupressure, advanced trigger point therapy, electro-acupuncture, Gua Sha, cupping, moxibustion. Learn More…

Massage Therapy

A combination of advanced Chinese medical massage (Zheng Gu Tuina), Swedish, Deep Tissue, Orthopedic Massage for Common Injuries, Shiatsu. Learn More…

External Herbs

We use customized soaks, salves, herbs, linaments, and plasters to help advance healing. Learn More…

East Meets West: Bridging the Gap

We partner with conventional and holistic practitioners to provide you with a new experience in care. We speak both languages so you don’t have to. We work with physicians and patients to provide full-spectrum care. Read Modern Research on Acupuncture…

From the moment I walked in the door, Chad treated me with compassion. I went to him with a list of chronic ailments such as severe plantar fascia, jaw tightness, shoulder pain due to torn rotary cuff surgery, and arthritis issues. He listened carefully to my concerns and thoroughly explained the acupuncture procedure. Then he went to work. I am completely free of heel pain for the first time in years. My other pain symptoms have been significantly reduced and I feel little to zero discomfort since working with Chad. He is a knowledgeable and skilled acupuncture professional. I continue to see Chad occasionally. I always feel more relaxed and have an overall sense of comfort and well being after my treatments.   I highly recommend Chad Johnson and suggest you give acupuncture a try.

- E. H

I had spinal surgery 31 years ago when I was in high school due to developing severe scoliosis. I have a fusion at T4 at the top of my spine and L3 at the bottom with a Harrington rod wired to my spine. I saw Chad a few months ago when I had an acute injury and was is so much pain. My muscles were in a very bad spasm. In 1 visit I could not believe that 90% of my pain was gone!! I hobbled in, could barely stand up from a sitting position and walked out with hardly any pain! Muscles along my spine had not been released in years. It was as if I could take a deep breath! I saw him 3-4 more times to get my back in a good place. I would HIGHLY recommend him!!! He is a gifted healer!

- S F

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No Options Left

When you feel that you have no options left, Chinese Medicine can offer you a different perspective on your health. Often times, this difference equates to a better quality of life for you.


Confusing Diagnoses

For confusing diagnoses, we examine the organs, the neck, and the back, looking for imbalances or tight tender points. Once found, we relieve the points of imbalance and tenderness.


The Whole System

You don’t have to live in pain. We don’t just look at one sick body part. We look at the health of the whole system. As we uncover pain, tender points, and other clues, we help your body heal itself.


More Mobile

The body immediately functions better once these tender points subside, and once the body functions better, the spirit functions better. Once the spirit functions better, the mind functions better. Once relief has been found, patients generally become more mobile.

You don’t have to live with pain.

Acutherapy combines advanced acupuncture, massage therapies, and herbal preparations for drug-free pain management and expedited healing, in our warm and professional therapeutic environment.

Asheville Acupuncturist Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson Acupuncture has been delivering results since we opened in 2011. Our mission is to help people alleviate pain and struggle through excellence in Acutherapy. Acutherapy combines advanced acupuncture, massage therapies, and herbal preparations for drug-free pain management and expedited healing.

Chad is an Asheville Acupuncturist with over 15 years of experience in bodywork and manual therapies. Nicole is a holistic nutritionist and Taoist stone medicine practitioner. Together, they are here to help you gain clarity, pain relief and a new relationship with your health and vitality.

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