Holistic Health Coaching – The Enlightened Table

We offer Holistic Nutrition and Health Coaching as a support to your current acupuncture treatment plan or as a standalone service. These sessions are only offered via telephone or video conference.

A Holistic Approach

We practice a holistic approach to nutrition, which means that we look at how all areas of your life are connected. Does stress at your job or in your relationship cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising? As we work together, we look at how all parts of your life affect the whole.

No One Diet Works for Everyone

The concept of bio-individuality is that each person has their own nutritional needs. So, when the experts say, “dairy is good for you” or “fat is unhealthy,” it’s too much of a generalization. One person’s food is another person’s poison, and that’s why fad diets don’t work in the long run. Together, we look at your age, health, activity level, blood type, metabolic rate and personal preferences to determine your dietary needs and develop a strategy built for success.

Everything is Food

Healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity and a spiritual practice are essential forms of nourishment. When these “primary foods” are balanced, what you eat becomes secondary.

What’s Keeping You From Your Best Life Ever?

Learn the inside information that will give you back control over your plate, your body, your health, and ultimately your happiness. Learn how simple and freeing it is to have an enlightened table.

Having an ‘Enlightened Table’ means having an awareness about food– where it comes from and what works best for you. It means knowing how to nourish yourself fully– in all areas of your life– because your happiness, comfort and ease are of the greatest benefit to you.

Choose from Three Expert Coaching Programs:

1-Hour Breakthrough Strategy Session

Support your body in coming into a more natural balance. Clear brain fog, sleep better, release anxiety, lift your mood, and balance your  life.

This 1-hour strategy session is the first step to more vitality and health.  You can select these as individual sessions anytime you need  support.

During this 1-hour call we will:

  • Identify and clarify health goals
  • Develop a personalized wellness strategy that is clear, effective and reachable
  • Create goals and benchmarks for achieving goals and desired outcomes


Radiance One-on-One Personal Health Coaching Program

This is a laser focused personalized coaching program. We work together over a three month period so you can make gradual, lasting changes that work. Your personalized program will radically improve your health and  well-being. Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your unique body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.

Your  program includes…

  • 2 One-hour sessions per month
  • Meal Planning Strategy Sessions
  • E-mail support between sessions
  • Accountability Support
  • Guided Meditation
  • Taoist Stone Medicine
  • QET™ – Quantum Energy Transformation Techniques
  • Handouts and other materials as needed

Enlightened Table Group Program

Group programs are a great way to accomplish your goals and a cost effective way to make lasting change. Some of the benefits of working in a group are the added support and camaraderie of your peers, friends, or family members. We periodically run group programs on a seasonal basis (i.e New Year, Spring, Fall, etc). You may also create your own group for friends, family or co-workers simply contact us and we’ll set it up with you.

In your group program you will…

  • Set and accomplish goals
  • Explore new foods
  • Understand and reduce cravings
  • Increase energy
  • Feel better in your body
  • Improve personal relationships

Nicole Johnson – Holistic Health Coach

Nicole received her training to practice Holistic Health Counseling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2009. At the time, this was the only holistic nutrition school integrating all the different dietary theories—combining and comparing the knowledge of traditional philosophies – Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, Chinese Medicine Dietary Theory, Nourishing Traditions and more- with modern concepts like the USDA food pyramid, the glycemic index, the Zone, and raw foods.

Nicole is Certified Holistic Health Counselor (CHHC) and a member of the AADP – American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Read more about her extended qualifications and story here.