Success Stories

We love hearing and receiving news from our clients about their healing success. We have shared some of those success stories below.  You can also read 40+ reviews clients have left us on Google here.  

I was crushed being labeled “end-stage spine” in early 2015 by orthopedic specialists in Charlotte NC.

My history involves 12 spine surgeries spanning more than three decades with successive fusions of 14 vertebrae, a lumbar spine reconstruction (anterior and posterior), and replacing two vertebrae in my neck. Regardless I have remained an active gardener. Then one day in May last year I took a bad fall and was hospitalized for 28 days.  The concussive fall I took on my back had paralyzed my digestive system. My Ileus was treated though not my back since there were no bones broken, and the fall left me immobile and in terrible pain.

The turning point for me was being introduced to Chad Johnson and in the next three-to-four- months my life was transformed from being bedridden in terrible pain to gaining physical independence and moving about with only mild pain.

The type of acupuncture Chad uses is unlike any other therapy I have previously experienced.   It has broken up lots of old adhesions and scar tissue from injuries and surgeries that built up over time and limited my physical movement. The acupuncture I continue to receive translates into regaining and retaining a greater range of motion and strength, as well as a vibrant sense of well-being.   My experience in gaining relief from chronic and acute pain is just one example of what can be accomplished with acupuncture and specifically the form Chad Johnson uses.

Rudi Simko

I initially went to see Chad to relieve numbness in my face due to a traumatic injury and subsequent surgeries. I feel like the acupuncture treatments were able to help accelerate my healing and lessen my symptoms. More recently, I had a fall and injured my left shoulder and arm. I could barely raise my left arm away from my side without pain. I was seriously considering seeing an orthopedic surgeon but wanted to see what Chad could do first. It took three or four sessions but Chad was able to completely restore my range of motion to normal and I no longer have any pain! I am SO glad I went to see him first instead of consulting a surgeon.
Chad is full of quiet, positive energy. He is an excellent listener and and a very calming presence. The treatment rooms are comfortable, serene and soothing. I will continue to utilize him on a regular basis. If you are suffering from some type of chronic pain, and have not found relief through other methods or treatments, I would highly recommend that you see Chad!
Laurie Rush

Chad creates a profoundly healing experience by acknowledging your presenting problem and thoroughly assessing your body for opportunities for change. The changes I’ve experienced through my sessions with Chad include improvements in my digestion, menstral cycle, detoxifying organs and emotional well-being.  Chad is knowledgeable, communicative and has a genuine gift & passion for the service he provides. Chad’s grounded energy makes him totally approachable and relatable. What are you waiting for?! Schedule today and improve your life!
Meghan Ware

I had spinal surgery 31 years ago when I was in high school due to developing severe scoliosis. I have a fusion at T4 at the top of my spine and L3 at the bottom with a Harrington rod wired to my spine. I saw Chad a few months ago when I had an acute injury and was is so much pain. My muscles were in a very bad spasm. In 1 visit I could not believe that 90% of my pain was gone!! I hobbled in, could barely stand up from a sitting position and walked out with hardly any pain! Muscles along my spine had not been released in years. It was as if I could take a deep breath! I saw him 3-4 more times to get my back in a good place. I would HIGHLY recommend him!!! He is a gifted healer!
Suzanne Fuhrman

From the moment I walked in the door, Chad treated me with compassion. I went to him with a list of chronic ailments such as severe plantar fascia, jaw tightness, shoulder pain due to torn rotary cuff surgery, and arthritis issues. He listened carefully to my concerns and thoroughly explained the acupuncture procedure. Then he went to work. I am completely free of heel pain for the first time in years. My other pain symptoms have been significantly reduced and I feel little to zero discomfort since working with Chad. He is a knowledgeable and skilled acupuncture professional. I continue to see Chad occasionally. I always feel more relaxed and have an overall sense of comfort and well being after my treatments.   I highly recommend Chad Johnson and suggest you give acupuncture a try.
Ellen Hitchcock

Chad has been a godsend! After 10 months fighting insomnia and 3 years suffering from chronic hip pain, I am now sleeping (!!), and I’m pain-free! I am also handling stress much better. I would highly recommend Chad to anyone! He is a good listener and is very perceptive. Whether you’re new to acupuncture or have been to other acupuncturists, I promise you will be glad you met Chad.
Carol Reeve

Chad is a miracle worker. I came to Chad with severe pain in my neck as well as ringing in my ears. Within a few sessions my neck felt great and the ringing subsided. I appreciate Chad’s thoroughness, professionalism and all around good nature. I am so grateful for his work!
Patti Posner Daboosh

Was recently in the Asheville area for an endurance cycling event, and had the pleasure of seeing Chad for a pre-ride treatment. Having suffered a back injury many years ago, in addition to managing the routine aches and pains associated with training, I was particularly impressed by Chad’s ability to hone in on the “problem” areas, where chiropratic and ordinary massage has fallen short. I have been treated before by practitioners, who exclusively work with athletes, but Chad’s  unique blending of numerous treatment modalities offers a more comprehensive and effective means for getting an athlete pain-free and ready to tackle the next challenge. Will be returning to him before my next event in Western NC, and highly recommend Chad for anyone suffering from acute/chronic pain, or the athlete in training. Thanks for everything, Chad!
Bill Russell

Lower and middle back pain have been my constant companions for years. I have tried chiropractic treatment , physical therapy, spinal injections and pain meds . While some of these treatments let to temporary relief the pain would always return. My nurse practitioner suggested I see Chad over a year ago. Because of him I have my life back! I saw an almost immediate difference in my back pain and the improvement has stayed !!! My pain level has gone from (on a scale from 1-10) for an 8-9 to a 0-3! He has always basically cured an annoying shoulder issue I had struggled with for years and other ailments.

He is worth every penny his therapy costs and more. And if you are afraid of needles don’t worry. They don’t hurt at all. I usually fall asleep on the table !

Thank you chad ! You’re a blessing.

Barabara Linton

I am a runner and had been experiencing some severe pain in my right calf muscle. I tried Epsom baths, foam rollers, etc. with limited relief but the pain would return and it kept me from running. Chad was able to release the pain in my legs after just one visit. Three days after my first session I was back on the road and my legs felt great. I went back two more times for follow up sessions and my legs kept getting better and better. The first run after my third appointment was amazing! I felt like I could run forever. My legs and whole body just felt open, fluid, and healthy. I highly recommend Chad and look forward to going back to him for maintenance on my legs. If you are a runner, you should definitely give Chad a try. You will not regret it!
Bryan Clendenin

I was referred to Chad Johnson Acupuncture from a co-worker who raves about Chad!  My coworker was about  to quit and look for other work due to repetitive stress on the wrists but Chad was able to help her avoid carpal tunnel surgery and the rest with some sessions so I went to see him for some injuries after a fall.  I had some pain and muscle spasms in my back and arms and after 3 sessions I am almost completely better!  It’s amazing!

Chad is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and extremely kind.  The space itself is really clean and artfully decorated…soothing and relaxing which is just what you want when being stuck with needles!!


The acupuncture itself had me a little worried as I don’t like needles but it was almost completely painless and certainly works!!!  Chad doesn’t accept insurance directly, but gladly gave me a super bill with all the codes my insurance (which covers acupuncture) needed to get me paid back.
If you’ve been looking for a talented and compassionate acupuncturist, look no further!!!

Stephen N

Chad’s skill at both massage and acupuncture are amazing! It took one massage for me to realize I would never visit another therapist as long as Chad is practicing in Asheville. I have had multiple issues with severe muscle cramps and low back pain since a lumbar disc herniation and surgery 4 years ago. Chad keeps my muscles in the best shape they’ve been in years! He always works to treat the total patient not just a particular issue. He has a very kind and caring personality. I couldn’t possibly recommend him highly enough. Everyone in Asheville should make an appointment immediately!
Christy B

I have an inflamed nerve in the back of my neck that has irritated me for almost a year. After four sessions with Chad, I’m feeling more comfortable throughout the day. I’m hoping that with a session or two more, Chad will help me to find total relief. His skills are apparent as he works on me, and I look forward to our next session together. I recommend Chad to all!
Rick Manheim

As a magazine editor, I type 8-10 hours per day. My right forearm was so sore and so tight that I could barely carry my purse. Yoga five times per week helped somewhat but couldn’t fully rectify it.

Chad Johnson COMPLETELY HEALED my sore forearm in only ONE session. It’s been absolutely perfect ever since acupuncture. He is phenomenal! The absolute best!


Margot Douaihy

My left ankle has been problematic throughout my life as a result of a childhood fracture that was not properly treated (at summer camp). Since then It has been sprained, immobilized in casts and had surgery. Recently, problems reappeared with my ankle locking when I walked. All I could think was, “No, not more surgery”. I made an appointment with Chad and after two visits the problem disappeared. It returned 4 months later and, again, after two treatments it was gone.

I cannot thank Chad enough! I can go on my power walks and go and up down steps with ease. Even if I need to see him about this a few times a year, it is so much better than having surgery! Plus when you have an appointment with Chad, he is checks your chi … and good chi flow is the essence of life.

Miller Shire

I first saw Chad when I was struggling with incredible sudden back pain. Within 10 minutes and gentle and subtle manipulation he identified that one of my ribs had slipped out of place and was able to encourage it to fix itself. It was simply incredible. My next visit was months later when I had angered a small muscle in my back which was creating a pain situation where I could not get out of bed, but had a bachelorette party that I did not want to miss that coming weekend. I had seen a chiropractor who made the situation worse to the point where I couldn’t walk for days. Chad listened, tested my pain, explained to me what was happening with books and diagrams which really helped me to understand what the problem was and how he was going to fix it. Within an hour my pain had gone from an 8 to a 3, and lessened over the next few days. By party time I was ready to dance on the bar!

I recommend him to those suffering from extreme body pain, chronic issues that they have been living with for a long time, as well as anyone looking for a very talented massage therapist as he is highly skilled and intuitive. He takes a well-informed approach to pain management, as well as understands the stresses of daily life in the city.

Thanks so much Chad for all that you do! You are truly gifted.

Tory Marsh

My appointment with Chad Johnson Acupuncture was my first acupuncture session in my life, and I had a truly transformational experience. Chad spent a good deal of time talking with me before the treatment, asking questions, and helping me feel comfortable about the process. Since I am an artist, one of the muscles in my drawing hand sometimes gets rock solid (and painful) from overuse. Chad put some focus on that area, and used a gentle needling technique to get the muscle to release. Nothing I have done previously, from ice to heat to medication, had worked for my hand like one session with Chad Johnson. The relief was immediate and long-lasting. I could not recommend his services more, especially if you have an injury, chronic pain, or are new to acupuncture sessions. If you live in Asheville, do yourself a favor and book a session with Chad.
Bri H.