Last Hope

When you feel you have no options left, Chinese Medicine can  offer you a different perspective on your health. Often times this difference equates to a better quality of life for you.

You don’t have to live in pain.

In Chinese Medicine we look at the body through the lens of what is called “Five Phases.” This includes, heart, lungs, spleen, liver, and kidneys. These organs have relationship patterns that we can balance through acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. When these organs become balanced the body can heal itself more efficiently.

We don’t look at one sick body part, we look at the health of the whole system.

When patients come in with confusing or confounding diagnoses we palpate the organs, the neck, the back, looking for imbalances or tight tender points, and then we relieve the points of imbalance and tenderness. Once these tender points subside, the body functions better. Once the body functions better, the spirit functions better. Once the spirit functions better, the mind functions better.

Many times, once relief has been found, patients become more mobile, less grumpy and improvement to the quality of life is experienced, for some the first time in years.

I have suffered with nerve pain since 2006 and tried many acupuncturists and physical therapists over the years. After my first visit with Chad I noticed some immediate results. After 3 visits most of my pain is gone! Chad has great skills and I am singing his praises all over town. He is a wonderful healer and I feel blessed to have found him.
Dru Shelby