You Don’t Have to Live with Pain.

Regional Specialists in Japanese Acupuncture for Complex Pain Conditions

About Us

We are regional specialists in chronic, acute and complex pain syndromes practicing advanced Japanese Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Chinese Medicine.

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As a family-owned professional practice –and because we specialize in complex pain– trust and integrity are the cornerstones of our values.  

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We employ a physical medicine-based approach to treating musculoskeletal pain, organ dysfunction, immune system, the kidneys, gall bladder, liver, headaches, nerve pain and more.

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We provide high-quality Japanese Acupuncture which features palpation as the primary, and most reliable diagnostic tool. Based in the mountains of North Carolina we welcome people from all over Western North Carolina, East TN,  and the mid and south Atlantic regions.

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Our Mission

Your health is our priority. We use some of the best techniques in acupuncture, massage, and the most reliable palpation (Hara) diagnosis.

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Our mission is to address the root cause of many modern ailments and offer drug-free relief for common and complex pain syndromes. Our goal is to surprise you with positive results and our business model is based on getting you better in as few treatments as possible so you tell your friends and family.  It’s that simple.

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It’s Our Mission to:

  • help you alleviate pain and struggle through excellence in advanced acupuncture therapy
  • serve as a bridge to other medicines and modalities
  • facilitate community and communication between practitioners for the highest good of each patient
  • be leaders in the professional integrative care model
  • help you gain clarity and find power by reconnecting to your physical body
  • enjoy life through heart-centered service to others and care to self
  • aspire to a life that is rooted in “more being and less doing”

We're Here to Help.

Call our Office 828-668-5322 to Find out More or Click Below to Schedule an Appointment.

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Hydration’s Role in Healing

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Water affects every system in the body. When we see muscle tissue that's slow to heal –or the healing mechanism doesn't spark in the body quite as well– often the culprit is dehydration.   Water helps keep the the muscles pliable. The muscle has a more difficult...

The Master Tonic for Immune Support

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The Master Tonic: Your Homemade Antiviral, Antibacterial, Anti-Inflammatory Powerhouse. Now is the time to make this simple but powerful antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory remedy for the coming cold and flu season. It is known most commonly by the name...

Rawkos! A Fun and Healthy Travel Food.

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Here’s a healthy, tasty recipe that will bring into you in the summer mode. This is a popular favorite from our Seasonal Cleanse. It’s great food to travel with and requires NO COOKING. Rejoice the Rawko!  It’s like a taco but it’s raw – not raw meat – raw foods...

4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Water

Most of us are chroncially dehydrated. Here are 4 ways we can make the most out of water. When we sleep, our bodies are very busy repairing and detoxing. When we awaken, we are actually quite dehydrated.

3-Steps to Make Real Change Without New Year’s Resolutions

So, 2020, eh? With all of the restrictions and constrictions we’ve  been experiencing this year, let’s be sure to be even more loving to ourselves than ever before. Winter is a time of going inward, of being in the deep recesses of pre-creation, the place of potential, the place of darkness, the womb of possibility – before the seeds get planted. It’s a time of dormancy, of quiet, of stillness. We reside now deep within the kidneys, the place of our essence.

7 Tips to Getting a Restful Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important tools we have to support good health. And it’s free.  Sleep is critical for our physical, mental and emotional health. It is our time to unplug, recharge, detox, and quite literally, rest. This supports a healthy immune system and a healthy nervous system. Without quality sleep, we experience greater emotional stress, susceptibility to illness (lowered immune response), premature aging , and anxiety.

Staying Healthy- RIGHT NOW

It’s winter. It’s 2020. And after we wear our masks and wash our hands, and socially distance and do — All. The. Things. We still need to be sure we are caring for our heart, our spirit and our body in a tender and mindful way.  We put together a little stay healthy during winter list.

Nourish Yourself with Golden Milk

Golden Milk is a delicious and nourishing drink that packs incredible health benefits into one warm mug at a time. It's very Some of the wonderful benefits of Golden Milk: Anti-inflammatory - easing joint pain Soothing to the spirit and aids in digestion and sleep...

The Kidneys Ask Us to Slow Down

Kidney Deficiency usually manifests in the low back and the knees.

Homemade Bone Broth

  Homemade Bone Broth is deeply nourishing to the body. It supports gut health, skin hair and nails and nourishes our deepest organs- the kidneys.  This is food as medicine. Bone broth is a fantastic source of many gut-healing, anti-inflammatory agents. Healthy,...

Making Friends with your Inner Rebel during the Holidays

Inner rebel, outer rebel, reformed rebel, rebel in training -- we love rebels. They carry our fire, our power and let's face it - they know how to have a good time. BUT they can throw us our health game off if we keep them in the subconscious or the shadows. Our inner...