You Don’t Have to Live with Pain.

Regional Specialists in Japanese Acupuncture for Complex Pain Conditions

About Us

We are regional specialists in chronic, acute and complex pain syndromes practicing advanced Japanese Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Chinese Medicine.

As a family-owned professional practice –and because we specialize in complex pain– trust and integrity are the cornerstones of our values.  

We employ a physical medicine-based approach to treating musculoskeletal pain, organ dysfunction, immune system, the kidneys, gall bladder, liver, headaches, nerve pain and more.

We provide high-quality Japanese Acupuncture which features palpation as the primary, and most reliable diagnostic tool. Based in the mountains of North Carolina we have a second location in Knoxville, TN. We welcome people from all over Western North Carolina, East TN,  and the mid and south atlantic regions.

Our Mission

Your health is our priority. We use some of the best techniques in acupuncture, massage, and the most reliable palpation (Hara) diagnosis.

Our mission is to address the root cause of many modern ailments and offer drug-free relief for common and complex pain syndromes. Our goal is to surprise you with positive results and our business model is based on getting you better in as few treatments as possible so you tell your friends and family.  It’s that simple.


It’s Our Mission to:

  • help you alleviate pain and struggle through excellence in advanced acupuncture therapy
  • serve as a bridge to other medicines and modalities
  • facilitate community and communication between practitioners for the highest good of each patient
  • be leaders in the professional integrative care model
  • help you gain clarity and find power by reconnecting to your physical body
  • enjoy life through heart-centered service to others and care to self
  • aspire to a life that is rooted in “more being and less doing”

Call our office 828-333-5087 for an appointment

or schedule a free 30 min consultation with Chad to discuss your options.

The Master Tonic for Immune Support

The Master Tonic: Your Homemade Antiviral, Antibacterial, Anti-Inflammatory Powerhouse. Now is the time to make this simple but powerful antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory remedy for the coming cold and flu season. It is known most commonly by the name...

Cold and Flu Season

Transitioning into Autumn Here we are, late summer is transitioning into fall. The in-breath is changing to the out-breath. This is a Transition Time - an in-between time - and these times can be very powerful  for our health if we are paying attention. Transitions...

Covid-19 Clinic Safety Protocols

Covid-19 Safety MeasuresYour Well-being is Our Top Priority.Please Read Our Current Clinic Covid-19 Safety Protocols in Effect to Keep Everyone as Safe as Possible:Only one active treatment room in both locationsHEPA air filter with UV light that cleans the air 5x per...

BCBS of TN Covers Acupuncture for Pain

As an alternative to opioids, BCBS will now cover acupuncture in TN. North Carolina is not far behind. Knoxville Acupuncture Effective January 1, 2019, BlueCross of Tennessee removed Oxycontin and added acupuncture to help with the opioid crisis. Access the story by...

Gift Cards For the Holidays

Gift Cards for the Ones You Love (Including You!) Gift Cards are in - just in time for the holidays! This is a good way - or reason- to prioritize self-care for you or someone you love. We have physical gift cards you can pick up at the office (or mail to you) We now...

Stinging Nettles for Stress Support

Let Stinging Nettles Help You - In So Many Ways The Nettles plant - Urtica Dioica (commonly known as Stinging Nettles) is an interesting herbal ally. If you look closely, the needles on the leaves will let you know that it WILL sting you, if you are not mindful when...

New Knoxville Clinic Location

We are excited to announce our new Knoxville Clinic location as of October 1, 2018.  We will be sharing space with wonderful practitioners at Tennessee Sports Medicine and Square One. NEW Knoxville Clinic Location Starting October 1, 2018 2270 Sutherland Avenue...

Tune into Spring, the Wood Element, and Heal Anger

Spring is the element of WOOD and the color GREEN. The ancient Taoists (Prounounced "dao-ists") looked to nature to understand the human body, mind and spirit. They were philosophers and we need to be clear, Taoism is not a religion. Spring- Wood - Green, Liver, Liver...

Delicious Nettles Pesto

Nettles Pesto Nettles, a spring food are incredibly healthy and nourishing. This is my favorite way (so far) to get my nettles on. You can easily adapt this recipe to basil if you’re cleansing during a time without Nettles. Ingredients 1 bunch of fresh Nettles 1⁄2 C...

How Does Acupuncture Work? 

The body repeatedly encounters different levels of emotional and physical stress. The stress symptoms indicate blockages in the body. We can detect blockages using palpation of the body and promote healing.