Health Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have very specific needs and I don’t want to go through a catch-all program, will you be able to work with me?

A. Absolutely. This is a highly personalized approach, in fact that’s what makes it so worthwhile. We will start where you’re at and address your specific needs and goals. It’s all about detailed, personal attention.

Q. What is Health Coaching and why is it different than seeing a Dietitian?

A. Health Counseling takes a holistic approach and looks at all of the factors that contribute to your health: diet, health history, and the role that physical, emotional and creative factors play into your life and relationship with food. Together, we will get a clear picture of your imbalances and that will let us know where to begin. You will have my full support as we take an integrative approach to implementing lasting and effective solutions.

Q. Do I have to give up my favorite foods?

A. No. I am not the food police — and I won’t have you snacking on baby carrots (unless, of course, you really love them).

Q. Can you just tell me what to eat and when to eat it so I don’t have to worry about it?

A. I will gently guide you through meal planning strategies, so you have the freedom and skill to do it on your own. However, this process is about building your intuition and awareness around food and lifestyle habits and how they compliment (or sabotage) each other. The most deliciously powerful aspect of the program is that you come away with knowledge about what works best for you, in all situations, and how to figure it out on your own as time moves forward.

Q. I want to eat better but it seems so time consuming. Is it going to take all day to prepare a meal?

A. I’ve got tons of quick and easy solutions- my goal is to help you make it work within your lifestyle and time constraints. Most clients want to save time in the kitchen so they have more time to enjoy their lives!

Q. I’ve been on many different diets before, I lose the weight but then I gain it back. What if I fail again?

A. When we speak, you’ll recognize quickly that this is not a diet. You are about to embark on an empowering expedition into understanding your self and your needs quite differently. I will be here to support you 100% as we explore what works optimally for your body type, lifestyle and tastes.

Q. Who will benefit most from your program?

A. I work with people who are excited to try something new and gain increased awareness and intuition around food. If you are ready to take a stand for yourself and transform your health, then this work is for you.  I can help you clear the fog when it comes to cravings, energy and the food/mood connection. If you are ready to learn lasting, sustainable approaches to eating and living a healthy vibrant life, then I am honored to support you on this journey.

Q. Who is least likely to benefit?

A. This is not ideal for people who are looking for a quick fix. There are no prepackaged meals, and we don’t count fat, carbs, etc. This is probably not appropriate for you if you are not ready to show up for yourself or follow through. While the work we do isn’t hard, it does require your desire. I simply cannot do it for you. I want to work with people who are ready to make health a priority. If you’re tired of feeling lousy and ready for a fresh, vibrant life, then now may be the time for transformation. If you’re motivated and excited to create more energy and find more time to do the things you love, then I can help you get there.

Q. I’m not sure if I can afford monthly payments right now, do you offer extended payment plans?

A.  If you are truly ready to work on your health, we will find a way to work it out. We offer group programs which lower the program investment significantly. Contact us for possibilities.

Q. Can I do one session to see if I like it?

A. You can take a “test-run” by signing up for an initial consultation. This is a perfect way to see what it’s like to work with me. Integrating lasting change takes time, and each session progresses from the last. In order to experience the best results, we work over an expanded period of time. This way, you are able to make gradual shifts that are in harmony and will last. Throughout the process, I encourage you to be completely upfront and authentic with me, if something’s not working, we will re-evaluate our approach. I have a deep well of knowledge to pull from, our ultimate goal together is to find your optimal food and lifestyle sweet spot.

If you’re looking for real, lasting transformation in your health and your relationship with food, then you’ve found the right place to begin. The results will come with a little patience but your enjoyment, satisfaction, confidence and ever expanding self-awareness will be undeniable.

Our mission is to help you access your deepest desires and provide you with realistic solutions that work. We put these tools into action, so you can unleash the vibrant, healthy you that’s ready to live a full life– that shines.

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