Acupuncture for Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment

Are you suffering with sciatica pain? Are you looking for some relief? Chances are that acupuncture can help you.

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatic Nerve Pain or Sciatica includes a pain pattern that starts in the low back and radiates down the leg. The pain can vary from mild and persistent to sharp and intense. Some also experience numbness or tingling in the leg or foot.

Sciatica Symptoms May Include:Asheville-Acupuncture-Sciatic-Pain-Treatment

  • Dull Pain
  • Sharp Burning Pain
  • Pain Worse When Sitting
  • Tingling and Numbness

What Causes Sciatica Pain?

Conventional medicine attributes this to the disc near L3 becoming injured which leads to pressure on the sciatic nerve, Bone Spurs, Lumbar Stenosis, Effects of Pregnancy, or Degenerative Disc Disease. 

While it is true that this can and does happen, we more frequently see another more common cause of low back, hip and leg pain in the clinic.

Seeking Sciatica Relief without Surgery?

First, we must understand trigger points –  hypertense nodules in muscles which cause twitching and specific pain patterns. In fact, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus together create a pain pattern that covers the low back and the back and side of the leg. These offending trigger points can be caused by trauma, viruses, exposure to cold among other causes and can become active and inactive. This explains why some pains come and go.

In order to treat this type of injury, specific knowledge of the muscles and skills to treat them are necessary and can include acupuncture, massage, yoga therapy, and physical therapy.

We treat the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus muscles three to four times – per day. This shows up as low back pain, hip pain or leg pain and can go from mild to intense. 

Her sciatic nerve pain was so bad, she sobbed just to drive.

Read M.L.’s Story Below:

What do you do when your sciatic nerve pain is so bad that you absolutely sob pressing your foot on the accelerator on the drive home from work? But that is only when the pain is at it worst…the rest of the time you are in chronic low-level pain that leaves you tired and depressed.  Sleep and comfort are elusive.

That was me several years ago.  I tried traditional medicine, chiropractic and massage therapies…all to no avail.  Finally, acting on the recommendation of a friend, I went to see Chad Johnson…….this was several years ago.  The pain was gone after only a few treatments and has not reoccurred.  Chad is the rare combination of a highly skilled professional coupled with a tremendous sense of compassion for others.  I am truly indebted and grateful for access to his skills…..I simply refer to him as a miracle worker.   I would seek Chad’s guidance on any number ailments; he is the consummate professional.  Thank you very much Chad.


How Acupuncture can Eliminate Sciatica Pain


When viewed from this shift in perspective, you might see how Sciatica falls under our category of “often misdiagnosed.” It is more commonly a result of tight tender points in the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus muscles which create the pain pattern most people are experiencing.

Are you Seeking Sciatica Nerve Therapy and Sciatica Relief?

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Three Years of Chronic Hip Pain and 10 months of Insomnia Gone!

Chad has been a godsend! After 10 months fighting insomnia and 3 years suffering from chronic hip pain, I am now sleeping (!!), and I’m pain-free! I am also handling stress much better. I would highly recommend Chad to anyone! He is a good listener and is very perceptive. Whether you’re new to acupuncture or have been to other acupuncturists, I promise you will be glad you met Chad.

Carol Reeve