Pre-performance Tune Up for Martial Artists

Learn basic skills to trade with fellow athletes. This series of techniques will help you and your teammate prepare mind, body, and spirit for action inside the ring.  After a short warm up and meditation, I will show you how to activate your body to be faster, quicker, and more resilient while blocking, punching and kicking.

Learn how to use your inner resources to stay focused, calm, and relaxed allowing mindful execution of your fighting skill.  You’ve seen some of these techniques in The Octagon, now learn the techniques of ancient Asian warriors in this seminar.

Internal Strength for External Power

Exercise is more than just building strong muscles or increasing cardiovascular output.  Exercise should incorporate mind, body, and spirit in a mindful and focused way.

Through gentle, full body movements handed down through generations of martial arts masters, I will teach 12 postures to increase body awareness, improve balance, and create refined strength that radiates explosive power.

In this one hour seminar, be prepared to learn how to strengthen your body from the inside.  With slow, focused attention whole chains of muscles work together to improve performance in sports and activities which require strength, power, and endurance.

Traumatology – How to Care for Your Injuries

Sprains, strains, bruises, jammed fingers and toes?  Learn how to take care of blunt force trauma from the acute stage through back to performing at 100%.  Use exercise, nutrition, and healing acupressure techniques to ease pain and aid your body’s amazing power of healing.

In ancient China, healthy warriors were treated in the battlefield in order to recover faster and get back in the fight.  I bring you this knowledge to help you get back on your feet and training to your highest potential.