Low back pain relief.

Low back pain relief.

Do you or someone you know suffer from back pain?

It’s not surprising because about 75 to 85 percent of Americans experience some form of back pain. Back pain can be sudden, sharp, debilitating pain or constant, nagging, debilitating pain. Either way, it can affect your mood, job performance, and family. As a back pain sufferer myself, I have found many effective solutions for low back pain relief and teach self care techniques to prevent recurrence.

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Unfortunately, I see a lot of back pain in my office both chronic and acute. Most people think the cause of low back pain is a disc herniation, stenosis, or osteoarthritis. This is often not the case.

In fact, the most common causes of back pain I see in my clinic are actually injuries to the ligaments and/or muscles. This is a critical point affecting treatment because the key to alleviating most back pain can be found in treating a combination of any or all of these casues. I have found that a multi-faceted approach is the quickest way to my patient’s recovery.

Important: Having low back pain does not always mean you have to get your back cracked, take addictive pain killers, or get surgery for relief.

Once the soft tissue is repaired, the low back can easily return to homeostasis and allow you to return to work, play sports, exercise, or whatever you love to do.

Low back pain can be complex and requires professional diagnosis. If you have serious back pain, see a certified neurologist or orthopedist for a biomedical diagnosis. In addition, seek out a licensed acupuncturist/massage therapist, or make an appointment with my office.

Bonus: 3 easy tips for a healthy low back

  1. Keep your back warm via hot water bottles, hot packs, and hot baths.
  2. Gentle movement. Move it or lose it.
  3. Drink plenty of water. Your discs, muscles, and tendons are made of water.




Cold/Flu Prevention in Asheville

Here in Asheville it’s cold and flu season.  During Autumn, we are returning to school, work, and gearing up for the holiday season.  According to the laws of nature, it is a time to reduce activity and turn inward to bolster our bodies protective systems from cold, damp days.  While acupuncture and massage are great at cold/flu prevention and support of overall health and wellness, I’m going to share with you three great methods to support your body and create a strong immune system to resist the dreaded cold and flu at home.
  • Grandma was right: Wear a scarf and hat to keep the head and neck warm.  Keep the cold and damp out and the warmth in when outdoors. On the back of the neck there is an acupuncture point called Dazhui or, “Great Vertebra.” This is the point that is most vulnerable to wind and cold causing sore throat, sinus congestion, and chills/fever.  I always keep a scarf and hat in the car and never leave home without them.
  • Salt Water Heals: The common cold and flu affect the respiratory system beginning in the nose and throat.  At the first sign of a sore throat or sinus infection, try nasopharyngeal rinsing twice a day with a solution of 1/4 c. water, a pinch of sea salt, and 3-5 drops of tea tree and/or lavender essential oil.  With a clean dropper or neti pot, cleanse each nostril while the head is tilted back.  The solution should run through the nasal cavity and go out the mouth.  This cleanses the mucous membranes of pollutants and enhances overall immunity.  I perform this feat in the shower to expel the solution with easy cleanup.  After being in an enclosed space with others is a good time to rinse, ie. planes, family gatherings, trains.  Keep in mind, it’s important to use distilled water to cleanse the nasal passage as warned in this recent NY Times article.
  • A Gentle Approach: Learning to pace yourself is very important for immune health.  Reduce rigorous outdoor exercise and replace with more relaxing type exercise such as yoga, tai chi, or qi gong.  These meditative exercises have been scientifically proven to boost immunity while providing gentle movement to increase flexibility, improve blood flow, and calm the mind.
In addition to these easy tips, remember to eat a nutritious, organic diet, keep a positive attitude, and visit your favorite acupuncturist to stay healthy throughout the year.  In the next episode, I’ll share some tips to care for your back.
In service,
Chad Johnson