Learn about our different treatments:

Acupuncture: Chad practices multiple styles of Chinese Medicine and Japanese acupuncture. Each style lends itself to view the body through a different lens. This allows him to address your issue from multiple angles, finding the best pathway to health.

  • The Kiiko Matsumoto Style features a highly systematized method of palpation and uses fine gauge needles, magnets, diodes, and moxibustion to effectively treat a wide variety of complaints from complex structural disorders to internal organ maladies.
  • Acupuncture Physical Medicine features palpation of the body using Classical Chinese Medical theory paired with the modern medical trigger point therapy yielding effective treatments for many complex, chronic disorders that plague the human body.
  • Zheng Gu, meaning “correct bone,” uses massage and joint mobilization to diagnose and treat acute and chronic structural imbalance and internal disharmony.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine style focuses on disharmony of the major organs’ systems and prescribes herbs, acupoints, exercises, and dietary treatment accordingly

Massage Therapy: Swedish massage, Tui Na Masage, Deep Tissue Masage, or Shiatsu massage.

  • Swedish massage uses oils to glide over the surfaces of the body facilitating release of tension in muscle tissue, releasing constrictions of the connective tissue, and calming the mind and emotions.
  • Tui na follows Chinese Medical Theory and uses acupressure to balance the energy pathways.
  • Deep tissue massage focuses on specific muscle groups and targets holding patterns and areas with pain or problematic injuries.
  • Shiatsu originated in Japan and means finger pressure.  Customarily performed over loose fitting clothes using range of motion and acupressure to open the channels of energy that flow through the body.

External Herbs: The use of external herbs stop pain, resolve blood stasis, clear heat (inflammation), increase circulation, reduce swelling, knit bones, and relax tendons. When used in conjunction with acutherapy and plenty of rest, we see faster recovery times.