According to a study published in The International Journal of Clinical Practice there is evidence which explains a possible connection between auricular acupuncture and insomnia. The study went on to delve into the possible benefits auricular acupuncture can have on insomnia.

As it is known, acupuncture can be an extremely helpful form of treatment in regulating your sleep cycle. It can help you start sleeping peacefully again without the aid of over-the-counter sleep medications.

But, just how well does acupuncture cure major loss of sleep, such as insomnia. Clinical studies, such as this study published by the IJCP, are a way of seeing how the scientific world and the acupuncture world agree or disagree. With not much existing evidence or data on the topic of auricular acupuncture and insomnia, the researchers had to cast a wide net in order to come up with relevant information and statistics. They found mixed results. It was determined that out of the 433 relevant clinical trials studied that auricular acupuncture boasted both favorable and unfavorable results for the treatment of insomnia. Both the evidence of the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of auricular acupuncture are limited. The researchers did not deny the potential effectiveness of the treatment, but stated there should be more research done on the topic.

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