Video Transcription

Jeremy Ashburn: Hey guys, I’m Jeremy Ashburn and I’ve got Chad Johnson with me, and we’re at Chad Johnson Acupuncture, in Asheville, North Carolina. Today we’re asking “Does insurance cover acupuncture?”

Chad Johnson: That is a very common question. And the insurance industry as a whole is in a lot of flux right now. Some companies will cover acupuncture on the higher level insurance policies, but that’s something you really need to call your insurance company and see if they will cover it. Now, the way that I work with acupuncture is I have you pay for the treatments and then you submit a bill to the insurance company and they will reimburse you. That’s a common way to practice acupuncture. Medicaid, unfortunately, does not cover acupuncture, but my fingers are crossed with the opioid epidemic that soon a lot of these people will take us more seriously.

Jeremy Ashburn: And it is, I know in other countries, obviously acupuncture is covered, so it is kind of changing a little bit over time. So, this could be happening in the future where insurance companies start covering it more.

Chad Johnson: Yeah, hopefully. We’ll see how it goes.

Jeremy Ashburn: Definitely. Okay. Well, if you want to ask a specific question you can call 828-333-5087 or And thanks.

Chad Johnson: All right. Thank you.