Short Interview

Q: We’re answering common questions that clients ask throughout the year. One of the questions when you’re getting treated with acupuncture treatments is of course, “How many treatments will you need in order to start getting better or getting well?”

Chad Johnson: A general rule of thumb is we like to do at least three treatments over a three week period for most acute conditions. That’s recent onset, mild to moderate intensity. If you have something that’s chronic that’s been there for more than two years, say, or something you’ve been dealing with all your life, we’d like to do at least five treatments over a five week period. Then, after that period, you’ll know several things: a, whether you like it or not, b, whether you like the practitioner or not, and, c, whether you think it’s going to help. By that initial course of treatments, you should know if it’s going to help you or not. Then, from there, we can decide how to proceed.

Q: Give us an example of acute conditions versus chronic conditions.

Chad Johnson: A good example of an acute condition is an ankle sprain or shoulder strain. This is where you’re working too hard, and you injure yourself, and it happened in the recent months or weeks. In that case, the sooner you come in, the better. Then we can get treatment going, and it usually resolves quicker that way.

For chronic conditions, this could be something like digestive discomfort that’s been lasting since you were a child, allergies, asthma, a lot of these chronic debilitating issues that people carry with them. Acupuncture can help restore the health of the body, which will help resolve the issue.

Q: Definitely. If you to ask Chad any more questions or just reach out to them for a treatment, it’s 828-668-5322 or nicolej14.sg-host.com. So you can learn more.