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Plantar fasciitis is a common diagnosis with a long and tedious recovery. It is more often caused by other factors, leading to a misdiagnosis of arch and heel pain. However, recovery time can be reduced to just a few short weeks. Allow me to explain…

The gastrocnemius (calf) muscle takes a lot of wear and tear and often can mimic the same symptoms as bone spurs or plantar fasciitis.  These two problems can usually be relieved in 1-3 treatments using acupuncture and massage to release trigger points in tight calf muscles.  Trigger points refer pain patterns, in this case to the bottom of the foot.

In this piece in the NYTimes, researchers are finding that there is actually no inflammation in the plantar fascia (the band of connective tissue in the arch of the foot), but there is degeneration of the tissue.  When the muscles of the lower legs are released with acupuncture and massage, this fascia under foot is given more blood flow, less tension, and the body can repair the damaged fascia.  If you’ve been diagnosed by your doctor with plantar fasciitis, acupuncture is what you really need.