It’s winter. It’s 2020. And after we wear our masks and wash our hands, and socially distance and do — All. The. Things. We still need to be sure we are caring for our heart, our spirit and our body in a tender and mindful way.  We put together a little stay healthy during winter list.

  1. Drink Broth. Drink Tea. Get and stay warm from the inside out.

See our Homemade Bone Broth recipe for a delicious way to support your immune system through winter.

Any tea is wonderful. If you’re really feeling cold, try ginger tea to warm up quick and aid digestion. Fresh ginger is very warming – it is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. It has many other tremendous health benefits. It’s easy to make this into a tea – use vegetable peeler, chop and add to hot water – with a squeeze of lemon and some honey or stevia to taste.

Moxibustion is another way to bring warmth into the body. Chad can show you how you can work with this at home to great benefit – especially on your immune points. Also great at the start of a cold or illness. Call or email us. 

  1. Keep your neck covered and your feet warm.

We say this every year – Fall, winter, and spring.  Keeping your neck covered and protected from wind is an excellent way to keep external pathogens from entering your system. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine work with heat and cold in the body. Cold constricts flow. Things get stuck. Warmth moves fluids, blood and Qi. Our feet also must stay warm. Most especially during a woman’s moon cycle it is vital to keep cold out of the feet.

  1. Take some things off of your schedule.

Learning to say no, and prioritize quiet and calm has far ranging health benefits. Support your nervous system and schedule downtime and rest.

  1. Drink good quality water.

Does your water have chlorine and fluoride in it? These are Halides which displace the iodine in your thyroid, weakening your system. Opt for quality sources of spring water, or filtered water preferably not in small plastic bottles – but in Non-BPA large bottles.  (Plastic is an endocrine disruptor.)


We used all caps for this because this is one of the best ways to support your immune system, and it’s free.  Your body needs time to rest and recharge. Many of us know this, but how often does life prevent us from practicing this? Even during these times, lack of sleep due to worry and stress can wreak havoc on our nervous system, digestion, immune system and our muscles and joints. 

  1. Connect with JOY.

What brings you joy? This year, we are faced with this challenge ever so more. Joy is the antithesis of fear. It supports the heart spirit. For many, practicing being with the present moment can help lift us up a little bit. You may want to take up painting, photography, get a pet, walk more, play or listen to music. The most important thing is to be gentle with ourselves.

  1. Access the healing power of  the natural world.

Don’t underestimate the healing power of nature. Immersing in nature (a hike, sitting with your back to a tree, gazing into a flower, taking a moment- to just be- sitting on a rock) is the ANTIDOTE to disconnection, stress, and disharmony (which eventually leads to dis-ease).

We invite you to cultivate your presence, take time for self-care, care for your being – body, mind, and spirit. We are all on this ride together. Stay Healthy! Call us if you need us. Call us just to talk. We are here.