Acupuncture Offers Relief- WLOS Health Alert

by | Jul 20, 2016

Watch the Health Alert Segment and Read Rudi’s Acupuncture Relief Story Below

I was crushed being labeled “end-stage spine” in early 2015.


I was crushed being labeled “end-stage spine” in early 2015 by orthopedic specialists in Charlotte NC. My history involves 12 spine surgeries spanning more than three decades with successive fusions of 14 vertebrae, a lumbar spine reconstruction (anterior and posterior), and replacing two vertebrae in my neck. Regardless I have remained an active gardener. Then one day in May last year I took a bad fall and was hospitalized for 28 days.  The concussive fall I took on my back had paralyzed my digestive system. My Ileus was treated though not my back since there were no bones broken, and the fall left me immobile and in terrible pain.

The turning point for me was being introduced to Chad Johnson Acupunture and in the next three-to-four- months my life was transformed from being bedridden in terrible pain to gaining physical independence and moving about with only mild pain.

The type of acupuncture Chad uses is unlike any other therapy I have previously experienced.   It has broken up lots of old adhesions and scar tissue from injuries and surgeries that built up over time and limited my physical movement. The acupuncture I continue to receive translates into regaining and retaining a greater range of motion and strength, as well as a vibrant sense of well-being.   My experience in gaining relief from chronic and acute pain is just one example of what can be accomplished with acupuncture and specifically the form Chad Johnson uses.

Rudi Simko

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