Watermelon – Yin [creative commons image]

Watermelon is so delicious.

When eating watermelon, it is important to eat it alone. Many fruits pass through the stomach to the small intestine for digestion.  If eaten with carbohydrates and/or proteins, the system stalls. With all the available sugars available, fermentation begins. And this is not where you want your fermentation to occur. However, I would certainly try a Watermelon Mojito. This digestive fact derives from the science of food combining, or trophology.

Replace a meal with a large serving fruit to get the most benefit. You may add chopped mint for a nice summer salad. I just add a little salt.

Along with it’s delicious sugars and hydrating water content, watermelon offers impressive levels of Vitamins A and C and is full of electrolytes.  This makes watermelon great for skin and hair health. Other health benefits include reduction of blood pressure, combats free radicals, regulates digestion, and reduces inflammation and muscle soreness.

So eat it, eat more of it and eat it alone.