Short Interview

Q: Now we’re at Chad Johnson Acupuncture in Asheville, North Carolina, just south of downtown in Biltmore Village. Today we’re just asking the common questions that clients ask you throughout the year, as they call you up on the phone. And, as you’re working on them, I’m thinking probably one of the first questions that come up is, “What is acupuncture?”

Chad Johnson: Acupuncture is a full spectrum medicine that can treat all sorts of diseases. I personally focus on sports medicine and physical injuries – acute injuries, chronic pain, and complex syndromes. Acupuncture is basically a part of wider system. We call it Chinese medicine but that includes acupuncture, nutrition, exercise, herbs, breathing techniques and meditation. Acupuncture and massage are just two slices of this pie and that’s what I use to help people with pain.

Q: Now obviously there’s different specialties in acupuncture, what would be your specialty?

Chad Johnson: Yeah, my specialty is acute and chronic pain and complex syndromes. That could range anywhere from digestive discomfort to shoulder pain, neck pain is what I treat mostly. We do really well with back pain, migraines,  and sciatica.

Q: Definitely. If you’re experiencing chronic pain, give Chad a call and give us the number.