Water affects every system in the body.

When we see muscle tissue that’s slow to heal –or the healing mechanism doesn’t spark in the body quite as well– often the culprit is dehydration.


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Water helps keep the blood alive and healthy. Without water the blood gets sticky.

The body’s tissues are what holds the water in the body. The way to get the water into the tissues – here’s the secret: Drink a bunch of water and then stretch. If you sit still it will go right through you, if you move it will go into the the soft tissue of the body – the muscles and the fascia.

If the fascia is dry, the conductivity and communication in the body is hampered.

Whenever you have enough water in the fascia system – the connective tissue– the body can work more efficiently at immunity, tissue healing (muscle repair), oxygenation, brain function, and heart health to name a few.

Hydration goals: Drink half your body weight in ounces per day – for example 140lbs = 70 ounces water per day.

The quality of water is important. Taste and cleanliness are paramount  (no chlorine or fluoride) opt for local spring water.

Drink mindfully,  good water.

Read more about healthy hydration techniques in article 4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Water.