Inner rebel, outer rebel, reformed rebel, rebel in training — we love rebels. They carry our fire, our power and let’s face it – they know how to have a good time. BUT they can throw us our health game off if we keep them in the subconscious or the shadows. Our inner rebel is the one who whips out a hand and suddenly eats 6 brownies after passing the brownie plate successfully 10 times.

Instead, try giving yourself explicit permission to enjoy that brownie, that homemade pie, these amazing traditional foods that come from your family heritage. It’s very important this year to honor and deeply enjoy those traditions.

From a Holistic Nutrition perspective, we use two food categories: Primary Food and Secondary Food.

Secondary Foods are the foods that we eat that sustain us and  bring health to our body.
Primary Foods are everything else that feed us in a good way. This includes hiking, art, spending time with friends and loved ones, hiking, etc. This also includes eating for pleasure.

This year our Primary Foods have had to adjust, we’ve had to dig deep into the question “What brings me joy?”

We invite you to give yourself permission to ENJOY the Primary Foods  with the distinction of doing it with deep reverence, gratitude and most importantly, let go of any guilt attached. What we find when we do this  (permission and enjoyment, no guilt) we partner with our inner rebel (a very fun-loving aspect) and we stay in balance.